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We believe a clean environment is crucial for not only your health but also your happiness. With years of experience, we offer our professional expertise, ensuring that your carpets receive the best treatment and stay cleaner and brighter for longer. Your chosen carpet cleaner Essex.

Having your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner in Essex offers outstanding results!

A carpet that is dirty and stained can have a negative impact on the feel of your living or working environment. But before you think about replacing your carpet, have you thought about having it professionally cleaned?

So what is the difference between a professional deep clean and a soft wash?
Some carpet cleaning companies offer a soft wash service—a low-quality clean at a low price.

A soft wash is a steam clean but without any preparation work and you will not get a clean that will last and will get dirtier very quickly as most of the dirt is deep in the fibres and will rise up to the surface as well as the chemical residue left within the pile.

What is a deep carpet cleaning process?
This is the steps a professional carpet cleaner Essex will use and the NCCA recommends.

The 8 Step Process:

Step 1

Identify the fibre or fabric type to be cleaned

Step 2

Pre-test an inconspicuous area with chosen cleaning product for colour bleed

Step 3

Pre vacuum area using a commercial vacuum cleaner

Step 4

Pre-treat any spots or stains

Step 5

Pre-spray area and agitate area using mechanical agitation or by hand

Step 6

Extract pre-spray using a rinsing agent to stabilise the PH to a neutral PH around 7

Step 7

Groom carpet pile 

Step 8

Blow dry area

So be aware, if you are being offered a cheap price per room, this is normally for a soft wash and not to the same standard of a professional deep cleaning process as we offer.

This can damage your expensive carpets, using the incorrect chemicals, heat or cleaning methods and cost you more in the long run.

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