Roof Cleaning Essex

Your chosen roof cleaning in Essex! As well as having the professionalism, Fibre and Fabric have the knowledge and know-how on how to tackle any type of roof covering we come across.

We have invested in the most up to date equipment and training, offering to clean even the most delicate/very old roof tiles that are prone to breaking under pressure.

We can advise you the best method for cleaning your roof. Whether it’s a roof scrape (dry clean), using tailor made telescopic poles and profiled tool attachments to clear all debris, or if it’s a soft wash, using a jet wash set at a low pressure via a converted water pole system.

Both low pressure roof clean or scrapes include a biocidal wash post clean, the boocide will kill all remaining moss spores and protect your roof from further moss and alge growth for 3-5 years.

At the first sign of any moss returning, we can return for a nominal fee and reapply a biocidal treatment. This can be done on a yearly basis to keep everything looking at its best, especially for roofs near to tree coverings!

Our roof cleaning Essex also includes:

We are covered by £5M insurance, we are CISRS trained for competent work at heights and we also have pureseal approved operative for safe use of chemicals.

We will also send you some before and after photos after your service!

Trust us to provide you with the best roof cleaning Essex has to offer!

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